Southwest Scene Works Chubbuck FAQs

Q. What is your technique?

A. I teach the Chubbuck Technique, which builds on teaching traditions that stretch back to Stanislavski and infuses them with current advances in behavioral science and psychology. The 12 tools that you will use in the Chubbuck Acting Technique are powerful, effective, and accessible. They simply work.


Q. Who assigns the scenes?

A. In my class I assign the scenes and your scene partners one week prior to your first day in the Chubbuck Intensive. I have a game plan for each of my students. I analyze and take into account your strengths and weaknesses and assign material that will best facilitate your growth and advancement as an individual. My personal goal as a teacher is to help you to expand your abilities in your craft, enhancing your capacity to get the job. My students are always working.


Q. What material do you use for scenes?

A. The scenes are selected from movies, television, and theater.


Q. What are the typical class sizes?

A. Classes are capped at 12 students. This ensures an intimate focused environment. You will work every class.


Q. How many times do you put up a scene?

A. Twice. You rehearse the material I assign you with your scene partner. Most scene partners rehearse 3 to 4 times one week prior to our first class. On our first day of the Chubbuck Intensive you will put the first work of your scene up in class. I will give you notes. Afterwards you'll rehearse together addressing my notes. On the 2nd day of our Chubbuck Intensive you will put up the second and final work of your scene.


Q. What happens if I have a flaky scene partner?

A. You can fire your scene partner if you have a problem with them. It is your time and money that is wasted by someone who does not take the craft seriously.  Within 24 hours of firing a scene partner, you will get a new scene/scene partner to work with. At Southwest Scene Works we want students who have dedicate themselves passionately to their art.


Q. Are you able to audit all the other classes once you join?

A. Yes, you may audit the Sunday Chubbuck Master Class (Sundays 12-3pm) at no additional cost. Come as often as you want, you do not have to call to make an appointment. It is very helpful to see critiques of other scenes from other classes. Inundate yourself with the information. It will help you grow exponentially faster, leading to better skills and better work opportunities.


Q. Who makes up the student body?

A. Directors, writers/producers, and of course, actors.


Q. What do you think the formula is for success in this business?

A. In the words of Ivana Chubbuck... "Hard work and taking risks. Seems simple enough, but you would be surprised how many actors are lazy and fall back on safe choices – afraid to offend or not please the casting director/writer/producer/director. Never let fear drive your life. Making bold choices and being courageous are powerful tools for success in any business."


Q. What is expected of me before I attend my first class?

A. Read, “The Power of the Actor”, focusing on the first 12 chapters. It is a comprehensive map on how to break down a script. This will allow you to make faster progress upon entering the class because you will have a more thorough understanding of how to apply the Chubbuck Acting Technique.

Q. What is your cancellation Policy for the Chubbuck Intensives?

A. All Chubbuck Intensives are non-refundable. If an actor books acting work during the weekend of their Chubbuck Acting Intensive they are excused from class and can transfer their tuition to the following month. In order to do this they must give one weeks notice as well as show a call sheet with dates/call times to their instructor at Southwest Scene Works. Tuition is only valid one month after it has been transferred unless prior arrangements have been made between you and your instructor.