1. Committed to consistent,

  2. ongoing and innovative acting training in the state of New Mexico.


Southwest Scene Works Mission

Southwest Scene Works is committed to consistent, ongoing and innovative acting training in the state of New Mexico.

Basic Intensive

All the Chubbuck Intensives consist of scene study and script analysis. In the Basic Intensives, the twelve foundational tools and the Chubbuck terminology are introduced and explained in depth. 

The Chubbuck technique is a science in the art of acting with a vast toolbox of ideas and techniques to help the actor. Because of this, it takes time to assimilate the knowledge. To help facilitate this, the Basic Intensives are split into two classes.

In Basic 1, the actor will learn tools 1-4 and in Basic 2 the actor learns tools 5-12. Students are urged to take two consecutive months of Basic in order to get a firm grasp on the tools. The actor will also work on developing their "type" in these classes. At the end of the Basic Intensives, students will understand how to use all the tools effectively and be adequately prepared for the Master Intensives.

The Basic Intensive is appropriate for ALL LEVELS and a pre-requisite for the Master Intensives. All actors, regardless of experience, are required to go through the Basic Intensives before they are invited to join the Master Intensive. This in no way represents your talent or experience, it is merely to better equip and educate the actor in the Chubbuck technique. Think of the Basic Intensives as preparation for the Master class. 

"I set myself challenges every time I work. Ideally, I approach everything as though it's the first time - with a beginner's mind and an amateur's love." - Willem Dafoe

Class size is 12 students. This ensures an intimate, focused environment where the actor gets ample attention and time to work every class.

Before attending the Basic Intensive, actors are required to read “The Power of the Actor” by Ivanna Chubbuck with particular focus on the first 12 chapters. This provides a foundation of knowledge for the actor entering into the Chubbuck classes and thorough understanding and assimilation of the technique.  

Upon completion of Basic 1 & 2, the actor is invited to join the Master Intensive.

Advanced Intensive

What is the difference between the Basic Chubbuck Intensive and the Advanced Chubbuck Intensive? Well, here are a few of the things that separate the classes...

Access and training in Advanced Chubbuck Acting tools. In the Basic Chubbuck Intensive you learn all 12 tools of the Chubbuck Acting Technique. In the Advanced Chubbuck Intensive you will dig into a deeper use of the tools and learn new exercises to explore and strengthen your craft. It's play time!

As incentive to continue with consistent monthly training in your craft, I'm offering you a $135/Intensive rate instead of the original $150/Intensive rate. Think of this discount as a reward for your dedication.

Advanced Scene Work. In the Basic Chubbuck Intensive we've focused primarily on your "type." In our Advanced Chubbuck Intensive we will stretch ourselves, experimenting in playing with and against "type."

* To graduate into the Master Chubbuck Intensive a student must attend a minimum of three Advanced Chubbuck Intensives. Once the student has completed three Advanced Chubbuck Intensives they must email me to set up a student touch base. During this touch base we will discuss, as a team, the potential of them being moved forward into the Master Intensive.

Please note: It's the students job to reach out to me to set up the touch base.

Master Intensive

"We, the actors, are the storytellers of our time. So like the monks and nuns who dedicate themselves to the service of God, actors must dedicate themselves to the service of the universal. This is no easy task." -Faye Simpson

What sets the Basic Intensives apart from the Master Intensives?

Continued Access to Industry Professionals. Industry guests (casting directors, agents, writers, directors, filmmakers) are invited to the last class of the Intensive to showcase your talent and hard work. Rebekah is constantly reaching out to various writers/directors to workshop material with you. This gives you continued exposure in the local film industry and helps to build and maintain connections. One of the major goals for the Master students is to create connection and community in an industry where that is paramount. 

As an incentive and reward for the consistent dedication to your craft, the Master Intensive is priced at $125+tax as opposed to the original $150+tax rate. At $25 off, this is motivation to stay consistent and focused in your training.

Master Scene Work. At this point we're all savvy to the 12 tools. So, all energy will be focused on scene work and play within the scene. The actor will be encouraged to stretch themselves and experiment with playing against "type." More artistic and creative control is given to the actor while continuing to push beyond limitations and comfort levels. Rebekah works closely with the actor to bring focused attention on areas that need strengthening and to move them into the next level in ALL areas.

Rebekah will share casting and industry information gathered from her long-time career in the film industry and through her time living in Los Angeles, where she currently resides. This is a privilege given only to Master students who are currently enrolled in classes. To ensure quality time with each actor, class is limited to 12 students. 

*Requirements: The actor must have completed 2 months in the Basic Chubbuck before they are invited to join the Master Chubbuck Class.

Upcoming Chubbuck Intensives

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Basic Chubbuck

Sat+Sun October 5 & 6 2019 (9am-12pm)

Sat+Sun December 21&22 2019 (9am-12pm)

October 2019 Albuquerque Basic Chubbuck

October 2019 Albuquerque Basic Chubbuck

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Master/Advanced Chubbuck

SAt+Sun October 5&6 2019 (12pm-3pm)

Sat+Sun December 21&22 (12pm-3pm)

October 2019 Albuquerque Master/Advanced Chubbuck

October 2019 Albuquerque Master/Advanced Chubbuck



"Rebekah has a strong understanding of the Chubbuck Technique. Her natural intuition about human nature, and her ability to connect to people, makes her the perfect kind of person to teach it."

Ivana Chubbuck|  Technique creator


Chubbuck Acting Technique FAQs

1. What is your technique and how does it work?- I teach the Chubbuck Technique, which builds on teaching traditions that stretch back to Stanislavski and infuses them with current advances in behavioral science and psychology. The 12 tools that you will use in the Chubbuck Acting Technique are powerful, effective, and accessible. They simply work.

2. Who assigns the scenes?- In my class, I assign the scenes and your scene partners. I have a focused plan for each of my students. I analyze and take into account your strengths and weaknesses, your problem areas, and your history, and assign material that will best facilitate your growth and advancement as an individual.

3. What is expected of me before I attend my first Basic Chubbuck Intensive?- Read "The Power of the Actor" by Ivana Chubbuck. The book is your comprehensive map on how to break down the script. This will allow you to make faster progress upon entering the class because you will have a more concrete understanding of how to apply the Chubbuck Acting Technique.