"In terms of finding a quick, meaningful emotional connection to my work, this is the best acting class I've ever had.  The tone of the class is both safe and challenging.  It is GREAT to have this caliber in a technique class without having to travel to a larger city."

Catherine Haun I Preacher, Breaking Bad, Manhattan, Gold, 2 Years of Love


"This class is teaching me to accept my truth, and that my story matters. I can use my experiences to win in my scenes. It is very empowering. Rebekah has an amazing ability to get the best out of her students, and you feel safe when you are working with her. I highly recommend the class”

Jodi Lynn Thomas|  Preacher,Big sky, The Messengers, Outlaw Prophet, Longmire,


What has the Chubbuck Acting Technique done for actors in New Mexico?


Here's what working actors have to say.

Student Testimonials

"The Chubbuck Technique has helped me dive deeper and find more authenticity with my characters by providing the space to allow myself into the work. It forces me to be mindful of myself and my relationships with others while also helping me express my emotions in a productive way. I couldn’t recommend this technique higher for anyone who is looking to connect deeper with their characters and work."

-Caroline Patz (Preacher, The Night Shift, Breaking Bad)


"The moment I stepped foot in Rebekah's class I knew I had to step my game up. Complete commitment and dedication to myself, my classmates, my partner, and my craft. Her ability to evaluate her students and guide us specifically is unlike anything I've experienced in any class. It has taught me in a very real way to own the good, bad, and ugly of who I am as a human being and not to be ashamed. It has helped me grow into a confident woman and a fearless artist. Had it not been for the Chubbuck class and Rebekah's guidance I would be moving in circles wondering why I'm not connected to myself and my art -  we must honor ourselves and she has graciously offered the safest space for us to explore exactly what that means.

-Beverly Sartain (Preacher, The Art of Acting Out, Seventy Times Seven)

"The Chubbuck technique has given me the tools I needed to dig deeper into myself and my art.  I've experienced breakthroughs in a short amount of time that I hadn't experienced in any other scene study classes.  Rebekah creates a safe place for you to explore and bring your story into the character.  Her ability to create growth in her students makes her a phenomenal teacher and coach.   Rebekah's passion and commitment to the craft of acting has personally inspired me to go after my dream.  We are lucky to have Rebekah providing this quality of class in New Mexico."

-Dan Belden (Longmire, Somewhere on the Side of the Road)

"Every time I finish a Chubbuck Acting class with Rebekah, I leave with the most deeply satisfied feeling. I feel as though I've the opportunity to truly express myself as an actor and artist. It's not often that actors have the opportunity to dig that deep and play in a safe and honest environment. The Chubbuck technique comes with an arsenal of tools to helping the actor succeed and by learning and applying them, it allows for total freedom in the scene. Rebekah is a truly gifted instructor who brings her extensive knowledge of the Chubbuck technique and her years of working in the film industry to the class. She is also the most lovely, warm and delightfully creative person you'll meet. The students in the Chubbuck class book regularly on big budget films and national television shows. It's the most passionate, dedicated group of people that have become like family to me."

-Ashley Serrao (Detention, Hellion, Cinema Six, Snatch 'n' Grab)



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